How to prepare your body for a Pro Cheer Audition

Baltimore Blast Cheerleaders (PC :Coach Jonique of Baltimore Blast Cheerleaders)

When you think of a cheerleader what do you think? Fit, skinny, pretty? Yes no? Maybe?

Not all cheerleaders fit this cookie cutter mold though. For some of us being fit is having abs and an amazing figure, which most Professional team prefer you to have. To others being fit for Pro Cheer is feeling good and being able to dance really well or have this wonderful tumbling experience.

Most cheerleaders are really talented and can do beautiful stunts, have beautiful dancing techniques, and or are great tumblers.

In order to be “Pro Cheer” fit this is another category though. This is looking good and feeling good, but also having enough endurance to make it through hours of dancing and cheering.

The biggest mistake a girl can make when preparing for auditions is becoming super thin in unhealthy ways to audition, and not being able to maintain this look/ be able to keep up their energy while dancing, because they’ve been starving themselves for months. The best thing someone can do to prepare for auditions includes working out and eating healthy, not only for your body to look good, but to feel good as well. Another benefit from working out and eating right includes being able to work up endurance and not get as tired at practices, games, and create an endurance that’s able to keep up with audition week, and the rigorous schedule you will go through throughout the audition process.

When it comes to eating healthy and preparing for auditions the best thing you can do is not so much think of it as a diet, but as a lifestyle choice and a lifestyle change. If you look at eating healthy as a lifestyle change, than this will most likely stick with you throughout the season and not just for preparing for auditions. Some great weightless techniques for those trying to lose weight for auditions or tone up includes eating lots of veggies, eating Whole Foods choices,   drinking lots of water, working out, and intermediate fasting.  All of these options are great because you are still getting the nutrients and all you need, but just changing the way you live your lifestyle a little for the better. When I started keeping track of my water intake by upping it, eating foods at certain times, and stopped processed foods and ate more veggies along with working out, not only did I lose weight but gain muscle mass and looked/felt better.

Thee most important take away from changing your lifestyle for the better for auditions is that you can only go up from here. Meaning that if you start making healthier choices for your body, then you will see a difference. Some differences will be small at first and take time, but changing for the better to a more healthier lifestyle can only make you stronger. Thus so, don’t give up on you and remember that you can do it…if professional cheerleading is something you want.

When it comes to working out some key things you can do includes are HIIT workouts, plyometrics, weight lifting, and yoga. 

Photo of me winning a Burpee Competition (PC :Empowered Gym)

HIIT workouts are not only great for overall making you look good because they burn lots of calories and lean you out pretty quickly, but they also help with endurance. The constant stopping and going and the constant pumping the heart rate up, teaches your body how to do with high intensity  training which will help out during auditions with the hour long days and practices. Yoga, is great for settling the mind and for helping mellow you out for auditions, and also is a great flexibility and challenging different kind of workout that works the full body. Plyometrics are great for workouts like HIIT to be incorporated in with and by them self. Plyometrics will not only help you with full body tonnage, but also with helping you be able to jump higher, and build up a endurance to regular working out and training. HIIT and ploys in my opinion, is probably the two most incorporated and hardest workouts out of any workout you can get at the gym, because a lot of it requires bringing the heart rate way up and making you keep go until you feel like your body cannot push any more. Weight training is also a great workout because it builds muscles, which make you look more strong and gives you lots of tonnage in areas where you might have lose/flabby skin.

HIIT, yoga, weight training, and ploys are all really great workouts that should be combined and disbursed throughout the week to help your body switch things up, along with letting certain muscles heel, while others are working.

Overall, working out is super great for your body and not only does it make you look good, but feel good as well. Some of my favorite workouts were HIIT and they have shown the most results with my preparing for auditions, but your workout journey and the path you take to fitness is your very own, and you will find what works best for you.

Preparing you body for a Pro Cheerleading lifestyle is something that should not feel as much as of a task, but something you want to do for you and something that feels like you can maintain. Changing your lifestyle to a more healthier routine is only going to make your life easier for looking/feeling good at auditions, and will hopefully change your life for the better.

In conclusion, some words of advice would be that first, if you feel you need to change something for auditions, then do it  for you and for nobody else. Secondly, if it doesn’t feel healthy and makes you tired, sick, or miserable then don’t do it. Lastly, never feel you have to fit into a cookie cutter body just to make a team. There are teams who pick woman of all shapes, sizes, and color and they love all their girls just the same, so do not stress about your Body. If you truly feel comfortable in your skin and love yourself then everyone else will too, and they will see that energy radiating off of you.

Lastly, Be confident. Show them what you’re made off. Workout, eat healthy, and live your best life. This is how you prep your body for a Pro Cheer Audition, but mostly it is what works best for you and keeps you healthy and active for auditions at the same time!


Number One Rule in Professional Cheerleading Tryouts



Photo of me and Tara at Redskins Auditions (PC: Katy Love)

First things first… if you don’t audition then obviously you can’t make a team, so not going forward with your dreams, and following them through till the end of the auditions… will not land you anywhere. Secondly, if you never go through with auditions, not only are you hurting you chances, but your pride. If you never finish the process that you’ve been working so hard for so long…that’s even worse then auditioning and not making it…that’s giving up on your dream, not following through, and just plain giving up.

So…NO MATTER WHAT AUDITION!!! Never let fear get in the way of your Dream!

During the audition process nerves get to the best of us and that goes a lot with fear…so if you audition and start to forget the dance, still go for it because you never know what will happen. It is all about Mind Control and mind over matter.

So it is important :

A.) You still audition, because it is something you have been prepping for, and you don’t want to leave the audition process with regrets!


B.) You try to work on memory in prepping for auditions, to learn how to cope with fear and memory during auditions.

The number one mistake most girls make when auditioning is memory errors and letting fear take over and consume their audition. Memory errors can make a girl feel completely lost and just want give up complete hope, because once they mess up not only do they sometimes make it obvious through their facial reactions, but also through the way they carry themselves in the room the rest of them audition.

Once you learn your dance it is a must to not only practice the dance over and over to get it in muscle memory, but do the dance in different locations, in front of different people, and to record yourself to you know what you look like before you audition as well. Doing the dance over and over non stop should definitely assure that you will have it ingrained in your muscle memory, so even when you’re nervous your body will just naturally do it. Practicing the dance in front of others will assure that you won’t be as nervous doing it in front of different people. Recording yourself, puts pressure on making sure you do your best for your recording, but also allow you to see what you could improve on before you do it in front of a panel of judges at auditions.

Get the mind under control, then the rest will be easy. Some of the best preps for not giving up on yourself in the audition process are to Visualize that you are making the team/visualize your performance before, always perform to best ability in practices, practice in attire before auditions to assure your outfit stays in place, and make sure everything else in in line before auditions like photos, fitness, and paperwork/interview, to insure that everything else is in order as one less stressor.

Finding ways to over prepare your auditions is also crucial, because you never know what will go wrong and what you might need while at auditions! Audition attire can fall apart or break, your make up may sweat off, and you may forget an audition photo or your paperwork. Thus so, by packing extras of everything, printing out extra copies/turning in work online, and just completely over preparing with practicing… will do nothing but completely help you and save you in the long run with this process.

When you look good, you feel good…when you’re overly prepared you always have what you need and more…when you work hard everything else falls into place!

If you are auditioning for a Professional Cheerleading team and you do all you have to do, never let fear be the one thing that holds you back. Fear will get to anyone at any time and the most important thing to do in this situation is to go over mind control and making sure everything else is set for auditions, like your outfit, and everything else will fall into place.

The best advice for someone auditioning and the number one rule of auditioning is…do NOT get fearful and give up! and do Not go through the whole process and last minute not audition, because who does it only affect in the long run…you..and who wants is more then you…YOU!


GET IN A GOOD HEAD SPACE, WORK HARD, PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE, AND KILL YOUR life with not regrets!!! and and most importantly, HAVE FUN!

…So Audition. Be Brave, strong, and courageous! You Got This!

Do’s and Don’ts’ of Professional Cheerleading

Photo of me (PC: Baltimore Blast Photography)

When Auditioning for a Professional Cheer team, it is essential that you make sure to follow a list of Do’s and Don’ts.

Some ‘Do’s ‘ would include taking any dance classes that team might suggest. For example, most teams teams during their off season will have different dance groups or organizations their involved in, so by getting involved in these groups they suggest or even taking classes is a good move for audition prep.

Another thing a lot of teams do is host different classes during auditions, like a leg up series where they will literally teach you the audition routine before you tryout and or go over the routine with you so you can kill it even more for auditions. There will also be many opportunities for prep classes/clinics for most professional teams that is essential to additions, so you can best prepare and learn different teams style of dance before auditions.

Another ‘Do’ would be going to the teams different sponsors like different hair dressers, tanning salons, make up people, and audition attire websites/locations, so that way you can get the ultimate look before auditions. Most teams will give you this advice during prep classes or even on their webpage.

Creating a good image not only in person, but also on social media is also another good ‘Do’ for auditions. Meaning that you aren’t posting pictures everyday of you drinking(especially if you’re not 21), and that you’re not posting anything that may be concerning, inappropriate, or illegal.

Before the teams pick you they always look at potential girls social medias to make sure the girls they’re picking are professionals and will represent their brand in a positive way, so this is a super important ‘do’ when it comes to auditioning.

As far as ‘don’ts’ go… most of them are obvious, but it is important to go over them.

The most important ‘don’t’ being DO NOT take any videos of routines that are done before auditions. This is to assure that nobody is stealing the videos and claiming them as their own, so no teams are stealing choreography, and so nobody is posting videos of the audition process before they are a member. Any team will tell you that this is something that is strictly forbidden and it not only isn’t professional, but it’s posting content that is not approved before being posted.

Another ‘don’t’ is Do not STOP in the middle of your dance, if you stop in the middle of a dance not only does it make it obvious that you forgot the routine (embaressing) you may be auditioning for, but it makes you stick out like a sore thumb when everyone else is dancing.

Being LATE is another huge don’t! DO NOT EVER BE LATE! Whether it is an audition, prep class, or meeting, ANYTHING! Do not ever be late. If anything being 15 minutes early is on time. In cheer world it works just like the work world, if you’re on time your late.

‘DO’ show up to as many events, dance classes, pro cheer workshops, and anything involving the team your auditioning for. This type will not only help you learn more about what you’re getting into, but also let maybe some of the judges, cheerleaders, and or coaches get to know you before auditions!

Learning the background on your team is definitely another ‘DO’ because without this knowledge you can look clueless real fast. ‘DONT’ forget to look up background info on your team you’re auditioning for, because without this prior knowledge you could be asked a question at auditions and  not know the answer and another girl does, but you be a better dancer, and they still pick that other girl over you because she did her research and showed that she cared a little bit more about the organization than you. This tip also shows you how dedicated and serious you might be towards that team.

Do’s and Don’ts are key to any auditions, especially if you’re new to the pro cheer world, and if you do something that is on the ‘do’ list you might be one step closer to working towards making your dream of becoming a professional cheerleader.

How does one prep for a Professional Cheer Audition and what is most helpful to making an NFL team?

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, outdoor
Photo of Teal Anderson pictured on left. (Photo by: Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders)

When asking Teal Anderson what she found to be the most helpful in her auditioning process that finally got her on Ravens, she had a few great tips.

Her first tip being to never give up. Teal was 18 years old when she first auditioned for the Baltimore Ravens . She felt as if at this time she was new to Professional Cheerleading and that she needed time to learn more about the organization, along with get some experience from other teams. Teal auditioned for the Ravens again this year and finally made her dream of becoming a Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader.

Teal’s second piece of advice she finds to be most helpful is, to audition for other ( non NFL) teams first! After not making Ravens the first time, Teal felt it was crucial for her to audition for the Baltimore Blast Cheerleading team so she could get some experience in Pro Cheer before auditioning again for the NFL. Teal says “Auditioning for the Baltimore Blast was one of the best decisions I ever made, and I truly feel because of the experiences I had with Blast, this prepped me for where I needed to be at physically and mentally to audition again for Ravens.”

Another piece of advice Teal said that she thought helped her make Ravens was, to make sure you practice/master your look. Teal says ” when I first auditioned I didn’t really have the look down, but thanks to The Baltimore Blast, I finally feel like I’ve figure out the Professional look.” The Look, Teal talks about is the way you will appear the rest of the season in pictures and in real life, so that fans notice you. Along with, ‘the look’ in Professional Cheerleading that is, what makes you stand out so people say “Wow! doesn’t she look glamorous, I wonder who she is?!” Or makes a person tell right off the bat that that girl is a… Professional Cheerleader. The look also typically entails bold lipstick, big hair, and a beautiful smile. Along with many other secrets. 

When asking Teal what she did to prep for Ravens Auditions she said, “I made sure to maintain a healthy diet leading up to auditions, run two miles everyday to keep my stamina up, and practice my dancing technique at the gym before auditions.”

In other words…Running two miles everyday, constantly practicing her dancing skills, and eating clean really seemed to pay off.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing
Photo of Teal cheering for the MASL team Baltimore Blast (photo by:Baltimore Blast Photography)

This whole year Teal also prepared for auditions by cheering for the Blast. This team is a great transition team into NFL Teams, a lot of  girls who have cheered for Blast have made NFL teams (not all but many).

The Baltimore Blast not only kept Teal accountable to maintain a cheer look all season, but also helped her keep up her dancing. Thus so, a lot of her hard work of preparing for auditions started early cheering this season for the Blast.

Making a professional cheer team stems from hard work, dedication, and determination… and it is very clear Teal showed all three of these qualities. Teal showed hard work from cheering a whole season of Blast and then ending that season going straight into preparations for Ravens, she showed Dedication through never giving up after not making it the first time, and she showed determination through her working on herself to finally make the team this year!

Teal  has also said that “Becoming a Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader is a dream come true.” It is because of Blast she has to thank for helping her to prepare, taking Ravens prep classes, along with asking for help from the coaches on Ravens this year that she said has helped this process a lot.

Overall…this  success story is something that can be achieved and with hard work, these are some of the steps and helpful tips that you can use when preparing for auditions.

What are the requirements/ first steps you should take before auditioning to become a professional cheerleader?

Pc: Bruce Adler

Photo of me at Redskins Auditions (Photo Creds: Paul Belletiere MAVPP)

Before auditioning for any professional team it is important to take the first steps amongst yourself to look up any requirements you might need before auditioning, and this goes for anything in life like even cooking…before you cook you read the instructions, well requirements are pretty much the same thing.

I was 18 when I first auditioned for my first team The Washington Redskins, this same time last year around the beginning of April. I can remember it like it was yesterday being so scared, excited, and nervous all wrapped up into one. This is why it is important to understand what you’re going into before it all starts.

In order to become a Redskins Cheerleader you must be 18 by the start of auditions and you must hold a full time job or be in school full time, all of this of course along with being fit, having a dance or cheer based background, and having hair and make up that compliments your features. All of this info and more can be found here. 

Now, not all teams are the same and want the same exact look, style of dance, and so on, but for the most part…all of them want the same exact thing. A GROUP OF WOMAN WHO ARE INSPIRATIONAL AND EMPOWERING. They want a group of woman others want to mimic and aspire to be like, someone who is a role model.

Think about it…now think about any movie you’ve watched where you loved a character. Now think about the features or the personality traits that stood out to you on why you liked this person. Well, there. That. That is what separates a person from everyone else and makes them stand out. Same thing with professional cheerleading, they wouldn’t be professionals if they didn’t stand out.

Now, what you can do to stand out, that’s what you have to figure out within yourself.

For a team like the Redskins, things that would stand out as far as requirements go would be things like having some sort of technical dancing background and or tumbling experience. Another thing you can do is “DANCE LIKE YOU ARE DANCING FOR YOUR LIFE” in the wise words of Miss Vihky, a Redskins Cheerleading Ambassador Coach you can find here on this page.

This brings me to my next requirements besides age, job, and school status. Is being able to SHOW UP AND SHOW OUT! Now nobody is going to teach you this  if you ask, so you’ll  have to learn from me.

Before Auditioning for any team you need to meet the basic requirements found on any of their websites once you look them up (which you should do first). Then you should join a prep class to feel out the team first before auditioning and learn some of the ropes, found on any pro cheerleading website a link for prep classes, like this one here.  Then once you get to auditions you need to show up and show out, meaning that you need to look every judge in the face and make them pick you. You need to give them a reason to not keep their eyes off you while you’re dancing and have no choice but to pick you for their team, because they cannot go without you on it.

But before you even dance, the most important part! You need to be able to sell yourself verbally. Like any job, you have to apply for it and then you have to go in for an interview and try to give that person a reason to pick you. In order to do this you need to be able to speak clearly, speak confidently, and be able to sell yourself.

Now these are just some of the beginning steps you should take before auditioning for any professional cheer team like the Redskins. DO YOUR RESEARCH AND LEARN THE REQUIREMENTS!

Ps. Make sure you know some background on the team you’re auditioning for (cheer and football if that’s what you’re auditioning for), because judges are going to expect you know some knowledge on their team.